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"Road trip" safety knowledge

"Road trip" because of its convenience and freedom, quickly become the favorite of many visitors. But visitors also acts as the roles of the driver, security has also become a focus. Experts advise, "road trip" to double check before vehicle performance, especially tourists in rental cars should be more comprehensive check, sign a lease contract carefully to prevent deception and tragedy, here are some common issues that need attention.   

first, check engine, airbag, ABS light is normal, if you have any questions, prompt service.   

Second, check brake linings, clutch parts, such as abrasion, excessive wear.   

third, check tire pressure to prevent puncture a long trip, bring enough spare tire.  

four are in the process, don't use air conditioning circulation inside the car for too long, preventing hypoxia accelerated drivers. If you feel fatigue, parking can be a break to a safe location to prevent fatigue driving.  

five are large gas stations should choose to have a formal invoice when you refuel and avoid damage caused by poor quality oil on the engine and other components.  

six, bring your ID card, driver's license and other related documents.   

seven is a small change, map, compass, car repair warning signs commonly used items such as Kit, first aid and the fixture.  

eight is a national roaming calling card and charger, for use in the event of an emergency call for help.

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