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Car rental fact 1 smile creates value

Smile is warm and confident people are indispensable as a powerful tool that is able to make intimate, friendly number one strategy. When you smile, that you are friendly, warm and frank. Smile very easily, but its charm is endless, smile at no cost, but it created a lot of value.

I read a book "Japan original flat", saying Japan "marketing". His 1949-1963 first national life insurance performance for 15 consecutive years. In fact he is only 153CM and ugly, in his six months as insurance salesman was, he did not made a policy for the company, he had no money to rent, slept on a park bench; he had no money and car, walk to where you want to go to every day. But he never thought he was a failure who, at least on the surface, no one thought he was a loser. Since the beginning of morning wake up from the bench, he smiles to everyone who he encountered, regardless of whether or not, or whether to return his smile, he didn't care. His smile is so heartfelt and sincere. He makes people look is always full of confidence. Finally, one day, one often go to the Park by the big boss became interested in the young man smile, he does not understand how can a person eat is always so happy. So he raised his breakfast, although the original starving, but he was politely refused. Original ping requests only the big bosses to buy an insurance policy, so the first performance of the original flat has its own. Original introduced a flat to the big boss and his many friends, it is so original and a draw with his confidence and smile, more and more people. Eventually made him Japan's history signed policy up to an insurance salesman. Visible smile brings value is immeasurable.

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