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The service begins with a smile

Only Sun person can feel the reality of the Sun, if his face even bitter, that life is good? Life has always been a mirror, as is our image when we cry, cry when we smile, life is smiling. &Nbsp;

when we fully when the first visitors of the day, making a declaration of our service is to offer all travellers, when our first: "How do you do! Glad to be at your service! "Smile from the mouth when we say happy passengers warm. When guests are no longer conscious, inflexible and rigid service when giving feedback, we will also be sincere, positive, praise. When we walked down the post of their own, no more passengers complain about service attitude, or depressed due to passenger critical situation occurred, but exciting Exchange passengers at home. Enthusiasm motivated, happy mood will persist, which also lay good psychological Foundation for work the next day.

     smile from the heart, he could not disguise, smile to their faith, also give others confidence to inspire potential, smile is the best language among friends, a spontaneous smile is better than words, both meet for the first time, have known each other for a long time and smiles can shorten the distance between people and people, feel warm to each other.

     joy in service extension services practice in joy. Every "first" is a happy beginning, continuation are different, happiness is a philosophy of life. Let us start from the post, service from the start, begins with a smile, face challenges every day.

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