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After the long driving and car maintenance

Many owners have formed the self-driving tour prior to departure for all cars do a secondary maintenance of good habits, indeed, in the course of travel, vehicle for even very small, are more or less affect the trip, owner's mood will cast a unpleasant tinge, before setting out on the importance of vehicle maintenance.

but many owners in driving back, but neglected to vehicle maintenance. Guangzhou Nan Ling auto repair service, technical director chiyongbo owners are reminded to trek through remote, especially after driving the bad road conditions, for those who are only suitable for urban roads for cars, to their condition, the loss will be huge, and recommends that the owner of the car to a repair station to do a two-level maintenance. After you understand the importance of maintenance, so what should we do your maintenance or by chiyongbo to answer them!

adding oil

vehicle oil check the adequacy of oil quality is good. Includes oil, cooling liquid of the engine, gearbox, insufficient liquid is added, oil bad for a replacement.

oil leakage prevention

check the Powertrain and transmission system for leaks oil. There are several main parts (such as engine, transmission, rear axle and so on) there is no oil leakage.

reinforced chassis

Although each Taiwan car factory Qian, its chassis are after rust processing, some even after double plating zinc or double rust processing, but in professional technicians view, those price in 200,000 Yuan within of domestic car, its chassis if just limited to in smooth of city road driving words, so chassis 10,000 km check once and no big due, but if is go has some mountain or rotten road words, so mud, dirty real very easy attached in chassis Shang, Gravel kept beating even the chassis will also layer peeling off of the chassis, the chassis is the possibility of corrosion. Vehicle even if it is only traveling thousands of kilometers, chassis check was necessary.

testing covers transmission parts, suspension components is loose or damage (such as drive shafts, axle shaft, axle boots, suspension, shock absorbers, ball joint) and chassis corrosion checks.

tires check problems

car a different SUV, both single requirement for tires show very different. Cars using the high speed stability of the highway tires, off-road tires either pattern or the width, intensity and grip have very high requirements. If it is in a number of mountain driving, and there is no ordinary car tire replaced by cross-country or "m+s" logo, all season tire, so even in the absence of foreign bodies into the tire, also great loss of tyre tread or the side. In addition, the vehicle long after 120-160 km/h over speeding, tyre temperatures are high, high tire pressure accordingly, easy to tire or lay hidden.

detect whether the content check the tire tread pattern on the surface normal (such as whether to crack, whether there is a foreign body).

brake system

including brake pads, brake tubing, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake, etc.

circuit check

includes lights, instrument instruction is normal.

clean engine oil

some scenic conditions behind, does not necessarily has high label of gasoline supply, and fuel label more high its anti-burst performance more good, and now car manufacturers on gasoline label are has requirements, General requirements 93rd, above, if using has low label gasoline or inferior gasoline, while engine produced burst earthquake, and noise; on the easy makes row tracheal touch media that ternary catalytic purification device failure, then exhaust emissions not qualified, part also will jam exhaust tube, due to exhaust not Chang, engine performance unable to, and increased fuel consumption. Serious damage to the internal parts of the engine, such as burning at the top of the piston.

such a situation, you can oil the engine cleaning and maintenance.

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