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Explanation of "common sense and by taxi complaints" and "play" you understand the rules

No bargain   junction not blocking traffic

the guide tells you, the city taxis are charging, is approved by the State technical supervision departments and all the meter testing, commissioning, installation and sealing, cheating passengers don't have to worry about the meter. When people need to take a taxi on the street, should be close to the road in the direction to the right, around without a sutrah, driver easy to see raised car, may not be at the crossroads, import and export of vehicles, pedestrian-intensive path, direction and traffic regulations prohibiting parking on the left side places raised vehicle. Taxi stop at one corner, the passenger should get on at the front and rear doors on the right side to open the door in a timely manner, boarded the bus in time to close the door and informs the driver to travel to destination and routeing. Not standing outside the car with the driver and said, "I want to go to a certain place," or "I went to a certain place, how much money" and other words, minimize the time of vehicles parking on the roads, so as not to affect road traffic.

limited to 4 people on the same bus   Mo forced driver violations

when taking a taxi, truck-ride total no more than 4 people, for more than 4 people in two cars to ride, not a squeeze in the same car. Taxi is manned vehicles, vehicle for the carriage of baggage or luggage, or truck-carrying packaging neat, clean, weight in line with box-type items. But taxis are not allowed vehicles transporting super size, weight, pollution items and a variety of flammable, explosive and corrosive chemicals. Beckoning taxi parking waiting or running in the Park and visitors, must strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the road traffic rules and taxis run, passengers to "fight" should pay attention to their actions, may not force drivers running red lights, overload, parking in no parking left side of the road or the road. Taxi to destination, passengers are required to pay by the meter amount, active requests for tickets from the driver before you pay, the driver does not give tickets to protest Bill of fare. Travel voucher requests for tickets are to act as users, in case of disputes in order to facilitate settlement, second, such as missing items in the car, management can find vehicles according to the tickets in a timely manner and help passengers find lost property. Passengers got off, must be from the right side door off the ban on disembarking from the door to the left, in case of accidents.

complaints hotline   handle 7 complaints

taxi complaints hotline 24 hours was duty, please you remember number: 0772-2823695 passengers ride taxi Shi, encountered following 7 species situation one of, can to, liuzhou city, highway transport management service complaints Center complaints: taxi in waiting guest points parking stay rent situation Xia, refused to provides passenger service of; taxi in empty Shi, passengers waved parking Hou, asked clear passengers went Hou, refused to provides passenger service of; passenger way no due reason interrupted service and the bypass driving of ; Has a telephone booking car rental without complete service; taxis are not metered charges or multiple charges; taxi drivers attitude of abrasive, abusive; taxi drivers have received the money and does not pay for the tickets.

If the drivers refuse to   the best site complaint

If you have got into the taxi and drivers refusing hire asked the passengers to get off, you should not get off and sit in the car with telephone direct complaints, so that law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and evidence in a timely manner and dealt with according to law, protect the interests of passengers. If you are in a dispute with the driver or subsequent complaint, should be provided at the scene of the witness or evidence such as videotapes, and audio tapes and written materials, investigation and handling of and cooperate with inspectors.

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