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Advantage car rental and car hire

&Nbsp;     car rental industry is called a "sunrise industry", it has no insurance, no inspection maintenance, the advantages of models can be replaced in order to rent a car instead of buying a car to control enterprise's cost, which is very popular in foreign management methods, users are slowly affected by domestic enterprises and individuals of all ages.  

buy a car, car lost all his baggage to the car rental company, but mainly on money and energy on their core business, and is internationally popular practices of transnational corporations. According to statistics, in one year, ordinary like Santana 2000 cars, car repairs cost more than the car rental 10000 Yuan, that is to rent a car instead of buying a car, costs may drop 30%. In addition, rent a car or a saving management costs on its root cause lies in the management of "cost control" concept approval--lease, ready to adjust the expenditure risk, flexibility, is the best way to reduce costs. Those not familiar with China's local laws and regulations on businesses such as car, Annual Registration and insurance fees, illegal disposal of a series of unnecessary trouble. Customers are free to choose the rental car brands, from economy cars to luxury cars, all cars have the complete procedure.  

Guangzhou car rental and rental cars advantage than to buy a car in the following six aspects:  

models can be updated at any time  

with the improvement of people's consumption level, the desire for high-end consumer goods are constantly updated. Change the models in Europe an average of 8 months. If we now spend more than 300,000 yuan to purchase a car, due to socio-economic development, performance, appearance of the car improved a lot after one year, while the price will decline. A year later, if you want to get a new car, old car probably is hard to sell 150,000 yuan. This means that price in loss of nearly 200,000 yuan a year. But if leasing a car with more than 300,000 yuan, cost more than 100,000 yuan. Moreover, the latest models can be rented at any time. People often change their mobile phones from the current situation can be expected after a few years, often to buy a new car, will be the new fashion people, but also confidence in humanity's best choice.  

lift the annual inspection of the vehicle maintenance, trouble  

purchase vehicles for vehicle repairs and maintenance and annual vehicle inspection to spend a lot of money and energy. But if the car, there is no trouble, both vehicles for maintenance or other reasons when you enable the vehicle in normal use, the leasing company will promptly provide replacement vehicles, and emergency vehicles for customers.  

to fully enhance the funds utilization  

since the purchase of vehicles to a lump sum payment of 300,000 yuan, consumers have a certain economic strength. That is compared to the car rental and car can save at least a one-time investment of 200,000 yuan. Consumers with 200,000 yuan to a business, can earn a tidy profit without other formalities, gives you more profit.   Will ensure you a good financial situation of     from vehicles purchased will result in fixed assets increases, increases in borrowing, liquidity decrease the adverse financial condition, leased vehicles will avoid these risks effectively, enable enterprises to maximize the assets.  

to improve the cost, reducing waste  

since purchased vehicles using Shi free, especially units bus, privately with car phenomenon more, caused not necessary of waste, and if rental car, a is can according to business need at any time regulation with car number; II is with car people know himself of with car cost, can directly reduced not necessary of with car, effective to improve employees of cost concept, to and more of space management, avoid not necessary of trouble.  

in case of traffic accidents, the leasing company to help  

driving purchases the vehicle in the event of accidents, is negotiating with insurance companies due to report claims of owners are not familiar with the program, tend to waste a lot of time and money. As a professional rental company vehicle management, usually have good relations of cooperation with insurance companies, in the processing of claims, must have a distinct advantage, you can reduce customer troubles, allows customers to create the remainder of greater profits.  

car rental company car manufacturers, car dealers and car users are combined closely together. Leasing is a comprehensive understanding of the people in the developed world, car rental benefits have been widely accepted. In China, with the idea of change and the cultivation of market, Enterprise and individual "rent to buy" concept vector car wide range of knowledge, dynamic trends.  


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