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Trying to synchronize with the overseas Chinese car on new track

&Nbsp;    It is understood that China's car rental industry started in the late 80, developed rapidly in recent years, through the end of 2010, there were shiduowanliang car rental vehicles, more than 14 billion yuan output value, car rental industry from East to West, from big city to small city expansion trend. For some time in the future, with the rapid social and economic development, to further accelerate the process of urbanization, urban-rural and interregional integration rapid advance, driving skill widely available, enterprises and reform the system, car rental demand will be more robust, has great potential for development, with a rapid development of infrastructure. But, China car rental industry General Shang still in started stage, in development process in the also exists with policy regulations not perfect, and integrity system not sound, and enterprise scale smaller, and business way and management level behind, and business behavior not specification, and brand of development insufficient, and network degree low, and technology power weak, problem, makes car rental of advantage and role cannot full play, effect has service quality of upgrade, restricted has car rental industry health development. &Nbsp;

experts say that as China's emerging car rentals transportation services, is to satisfy people's personalized travel, business needs and safeguarding important social activities of transport, is an important part of the integrated transport system. Car rental companies such as Guangzhou Fortune road is one of the best rental companies. Promote the healthy development of car rental, is a changing transportation development, and an important measure to promote the development of modern transportation, improve integrated transport system, change the mode of road transport development, vehicles, roads, parking spaces, such as the utilization of social resources, drives the development of tourism industry, the automotive industry, financial and insurance industry, improve the quality of people's lives, is of great significance.  

      the notice points out that the next 5-10 years is an important period for the development of China's car rental industry, at all levels of transportation authorities and car rental, road transport authorities will sincerely perform their management responsibilities, as an important part of the development of modern transportation car rental, enhanced support, strengthen management, promote the healthy development of car rental.  

      of the notice from the following more specific suggestions for strengthening management in car rental industry and promote its development:  

establish and improve the car rental system. The circular asked local reality, accelerate the development of car rental, local regulations and rules, and road transport legislation system, establish and improve the market access and withdrawal mechanism, promote the development specification the car rental industry.  

accelerate the development of automobile leasing industry development plan. The notice requirement in strengthening research, made on the basis of, all localities should make auto leasing industry development plan, and incorporated into the development of integrated transport planning and transport planning. Car rental industry according to the planning and construction of the various modes of transport hubs, layout car rental outlets.  

Guide scale, network and brand development. All localities should take practical and effective measures to encourage large scale, management, and high reputation of car rental enterprises to set up branches, establishing national and regional car rental network. Without local protection and area around the blockade. Fleet of over 1000 cars and car rental companies set up branches in different places, road transport management bodies established to streamline the process, provide a good service.  

strengthening the management of car rental. Car rental vehicle shall obtain the relevant legal documents, and onboard. Car rental vehicles should be regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that vehicle performance is good. Car rental company car rental contract with the lessee, provided vehicles that meet the technical standards and documents are complete and valid. Car rental companies without permission shall not be engaged in road passenger and freight transport business activities without authorization.  

innovation model of vehicle rental services. Car rental companies are encouraged to develop multiple service modes, encourage transport enterprises, hotels, travel agencies, business portal, collaboration, increase service outlets to meet the leisure, business, Convention, commuting, wedding and other personalized travel needs. International mature management technologies and business models, off-site car, telephone booking, e-commerce, Enterprise Agency business, electronic money settlement of business with each other. Applied advanced technologies such as satellite positioning, navigation and improve the level of car rental services.  

      to create a good environment for development. All localities should strengthen guidance and coordination in support of car rental companies and banks, insurance and other financial services industry and automobile industry chain links of close cooperation, improve the consumer credit system, enhance capacity and reduce business risk. Strengthening coordination with the Public Security Bureau and other relevant departments, crack down on fraud crimes such as rental cars, actively helping car rental companies to solve vehicle liability rental liability problems such as traffic violations.  

strengthening the car rental market. Regions in developing industry quality standards assessment evaluation work carried out at the same time, forming a virtuous competition to maintain market order. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract, strengthen services and supervision of the industry, form the credit and reputation of the enterprise operation. Combating illegal and criminal acts in the industry and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of formal enterprises. Car rental Association acts as a bridge between enterprises and Government, bond, achieve win-win cooperation between Government and enterprises.


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