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How to troubleshoot car rental during emergencies

&Nbsp;    car rental travel, afraid to drive open accidentally when problems led to the rental car is not available, not only caused economic losses and will affect your travel pleasure. Encountered this problem and how to solve it? if you've mastered the secret of emergency vehicle, we can ensure the maximum car rental travel worry-free.  

1, the fuel tank damage. Motor vehicles in use, found the fuel tank leak, oil spills can be wiped clean with SOAP or bubble gum coated in oil, temporarily blocking using epoxy resin adhesive patch, the better.  

2, fuel line rupture. Ruptured pipeline burst can be wiped clean, apply SOAP, with a cloth or blanket wrapped around the ruptured pipe, with wire tied tightly, and then coated with a layer of SOAP.  

3, broken valve spring. Broken spring can be removed, two paragraphs in turn broken mount, can be used. If the spring is broken into several sections, the intake and exhaust valves of the cylinder can be adjusted screws removed, the valve remains closed, let the tank stopped working.  

4, pipe joints leak. Yarn winding available for speakers lower margin, and then tighten the nut tubing and tubing connector and bubble gum can be chewed or maltose into paste, coated the tubing nut until the method was after sealing.  

5, sediment Bowl cracked. Taped tubes or plastic cup out precipitation on the tubing, oil Cup straight without precipitation.


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