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Novice practice driving, car rental

&Nbsp;     in such a rapid expansion of licensed teams, there are quite a few people didn't buy their own car, quite a few people feel guilty looking at their car, afraid to drive, so after just two months of commando training, how can you ensure that your driving skills will not be wasted? Have the learner experience were clear, driving school training car driving on the road is very different, in the past, most people would consider to find a friend or find partners to take their own road, and now, rent a car, on-the-job training has become fashionable new favorite.  

         due to drive training market is not standard, black sparring and private partners appear, they have very low prices to attract customers, and actually is black traps. For example a drive training a novice driver in the Beijing company made 270 Yuan accepted 10 hour drive training service, just for 1 hour, the coach on the grounds of its unskilled, unable to continue on the road, asking them to pay 700 Yuan to participate in systematic training. Thus, practicing people demanded the return of the car. Training partner company agrees to refund, but a 2-hour charge. The results, exactly how much money the back has become a bone of contention on both sides. It is advised that you carefully choose the training companies, not only cheaper, service quality is a penny stock.  

         rental car yourself just yet however bitter. And when accident disputes, car rental company is fully responsible for handling, and avoid the embarrassment of the novices lack experience. There, you can select different models in the car test drive, in this regard, Bonanza road car rentals limited, Guangzhou with a variety of public and business offerings, for your buying a car is a big help in the future.


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