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High cost of purchase, rental cars gaining popularity

&Nbsp;    is a end early, in Guangzhou playing spell of Zhang Mr originally wants to with years savings buy a car car to award himself, but now is change note has, while is because he also wants to observation a time, think himself fancy of car also has price space, but more main reasons of is in contact has car rental zhihou, Zhang Mr think car rental may to than buy car more for.  

in today's prices, while prices continue to fall, but the hidden costs of a car are rising, and prices fell much faster than the. With rising international crude oil prices and the increasing proportion of imports of crude oil and gasoline prices in a "rising" in the record. "Did you oil today" this greeting sentence becomes the owner of a common language. Once ready to purchase said: "about 200,000 cars a year in spending on gasoline of about 15,000, if fuel larger models to roughly 20,000. " 

also, due to the scarcity of land resources and increasing car ownership, properties rising parking prices, part of the residential area and there is even the "one is hard to find", selling parking spaces, landlords and property disputes on parking prices. Parking prices rose along with the improvement of the overall price level, parking fees is not uncommon, and in some key cities in the parking lot, parking price of 5-10 yuan per hour.  

contrasts with the rising cost of car buyers at the same time, declining car rental fees, car rental means diversification, maintenance-free vehicle ... ... Car rental advantages more obvious, many people preferred to travel.  

"two to make a phone call or a few clicks, just two cards one card (identity card, driving license, credit card) can handle," Wang said of renting process, "buy a car, vehicle repair, maintenance and inspection after consumes a lot of energy, if things go wrong, but also bargain with insurance companies, car rental would not have wanted to have these troubles. "Different car models are also more and more mature, pick up the car, and the car is not only simple and easy and save a parking fee and trouble, very modern business people of all ages.  

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