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Push-rent on the first day of "rent free" activities

Just after the Chinese new year, domestic car rental market is growing, many major companies have launched a brazen new year promotions, special offers, both for promotion and popularization of car rental travel ideas, but also to expand their market share. Among these, the members of EHI "rent free rent on the first day" activity, since the introduction of concern and sought after by consumers, a lot of this car-free through a hi's activities began to come into contact with the rental, and for its convenience, economy, freedom, attracted by the characteristics of fashion, has since joined the ranks of car rental.  

car rental industry in Europe, developed has has odd years history, market also very mature has, but it in domestic started is is compared late, until in recent years a Hi car rental, several large chain car rental company of established, only gradually open China car rental market scale, and standardized of development process, and led has green travel, and car shared concept of in-depth and universal, rich has people of travel way.  

Although the industry has been in progress, car rental companies also have been working hard, but a lot of people still don't realize that you can rent a car trip so easy. Lee is the gold-collar-class, have a car and a house in Beijing, but when a limit he had headaches, or by car, take a taxi or subway, or, fail to address the needs his car, "you can't buy a car, rocker does not shake, there is a question," he complained. Later, reminded of a friend, he began experimenting with rental cars, the results quickly, resolving his problems over the years. Mr LEE said, "know early it would be nice! "Moreover, rent car more and more simple procedures, like EHI network platform 24 hours and take the car anywhere, anytime, and largely in line with international standards.  

car rental in Europe and other developed countries has a century of history, the market is very mature, but in Taiwan it was late until in recent years, several large chains such as EHI car rental company was founded, before gradually opening China's car rental market scale and standardized development processes, and led the green transport, car-sharing concept


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