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Extreme cold weather rent a bull market

After the Spring Festival, people began looking forward to the arrival of spring, have not missed much of China suffered the Arctic weather, frequent historical maximum. Cold, many commuters are beginning to rent instead of walking to the cold, after the car rental industry was also ushered in a wave of small orgasms.  

extreme cold weather the car rental industry to benefit  

under the influence of Arctic Oscillation changes, countries around the world suffered little in a century of Arctic weather, more areas in China are not immune. Cold cold air invades various thermal products ushered in after the Spring Festival, "the second spring", many white-collar workers hard to stand the cold and began to rent a car instead of public transport, subway, car rental businesses busy Chinese new year has just started.  

in the EHI store in Beijing, waiting for the car to an endless stream of white-collar workers. Waiting for the car to an endless stream of white-collar workers. "These past few days car rental numbers soared, despite an increase in manpower, but busy and now several popular models were booked out. "The store's staff said.  

EHI official analysis that the frigid weather, crowded commuting workers have turned to taxi and rental car to work, but because the morning and evening rush hour by taxi in Beijing is so difficult, so books were more likely to rent a car. Rental cars to avoid the bus to and from work and squeeze the cold car, and rental cars are also more in line with workers


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