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Strong demand pushed up car rental prices during the Spring Festival

Car rental prices were driven higher by strong demand during the Spring Festival, car rental company just finished enjoying the pricing power of time, years later was quickly changed back to old price war. Recently, the Shenzhou, Hi, extreme, all major car rental companies have resorted to cabbage price and rent measures such as launching a new competition of the year.

push Member rent free


reduce the minimum period

car rental companies is fierce, but price competition is a means of attracting customers, retain customers spell is the service.

just after the new year, car rental company started an advertising campaign to publicize new preferential measures, including members of free rent and car rental discount of 40 percent on the first day, at least to prices of less than 50 Yuan a day to rent Chevrolet new sail, BYD F0 model, more than 200,000 cars the price of 300 yuan/day to rent.

lives in Baoan gymnasium next generation Shen Zhu said his purchases were postponed because of housing and convenient subway, usually 5 minutes to the station can reach the science and Technology Parks Corporation, will only increase the cost of buying a car. "However, when it encounters a outing to Guangzhou about customers or, still have a car opened. "He said that car rental companies to solve his problems.

journalists from China, Hi, extreme, such as rental car companies understand, except due to strong demand during the Chinese new year car rental prices two or three times, during the non-holiday rental cars are able to enjoy a substantial discount. Such as China and a Hi Member rent-free offices on initiatives introduced this year, as long as the click on company's Web site, detailed register personal identification card, driver's license, phone numbers and other basic information, online reservations 48 hours in advance for the service.

EHI marketers told reporters that the rent-free measures are designed to train members and referral services, 328/day can experience normal price models, including the Chevrolet Cruze price more than 100,000, Volkswagen LaVida.


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