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Guangzhou car rental considerations

Car rental, there are different things like car rental, car rental considerations as follows:  

1: booking the best 1, 2 days in advance, booking vehicles require 2 or 3 days in advance for the weekend; holidays (such as 51, plenary, Spring Festival) 20-30 days in advance booking; if you are a member and need to book cars in the field, you must book 48 hours in advance.  

2: car rental you should understand before leasing vehicle performance, price and rental car documents required.  

3: requires you to leave detailed information when booking by phone, for a rainy day; if you are a member, need to book cars in the field, please inform the Miss wiring if you need pick up, pick up.  

4: the car should be at least the number of days the number of days, such as not enough in advance before the contract expires in 24 hours telephone renewal.  

5: car, original copies of all the documents you need to bring.  

6: Please read the contents of the contract before signing the contract before signing.  

7: departure and return vehicle, please carefully check, confirm that is correct and then sign the document.  

8: non-member limit drove 180 kilometers a day, hyper-driving charges because of different models with different charges (see price list). If you are expected to be super mileage, can proceed in advance super car costs, store at half price to charge extra fees, back fill less; members in Beijing rent Unlimited Milage, if you book your car in the field, please note that local mileage restrictions and hyper-driving charges.  

9: driving safety exercise. Event of an accident, you should inform the relevant Department as soon as possible, be sure to have a traffic accident responsibility determination or proof of the Safety Board, which is the proof of insurance must. Insurance must be notified in the first time, no more than 24 hours at the latest. (Refer to the vehicle accident, incident handling)  

10: the car should pay attention to all your stuff in the car taken away; withdrawal deposit amount please check and confirm that documents returned are correct.

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