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Clear car rental hot book now

&Nbsp;    yesterday, reporters asked the city several car rental companies, were told during the Tomb Sweeping Festival car tight, book as early as possible.   A Guangzhou Tianhe business car rental company saying: "not many left to commercial vehicles with more than 9 seats, to take a position. "It is understood that due to demand, this year car rental price is slightly higher than in previous years. 9-11 is the most popular model of commercial vehicles, modern ruifeng, Jinbei, Dongfeng popular models, such as most suitable for family holiday, price 300-650/day/day.  

"come to rental car customers apart from the graves, and have three or four outdoor swimming is driving. "A car rental company Manager Shaw, as the weather turns warmer, rent a car has too many people hanging out together, Ching Ming holiday time enough, more people will rent a car trip.


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