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Spring 90% new favorite car rental companies vehicles booked

&Nbsp;    Spring Festival opens, facing the eye of crowds, buy tickets or don't want the trouble of crowds of people set his sights on the rental. Reporters yesterday visited the city a number of rental car companies understand, abnormal companies rent a car business is hot, many more than 90% vehicles during the Spring Festival has booked. &Nbsp;

Save: rental cars convenient and comfortable   Chinese new year;

Mr LEE of the public back to Yueyang home for the new year, he prepared big bags of early new year. "Before Chinese new year back home is basically taking the train, crowds don't count, get off to change a lot of trouble. "This year he got in a car rental company rented a car in the city, ready to drive home. He said rental home, more convenient, and very free, take new year back is particularly convenient.  

Mr MOK from Haikou to prepare tourism in Changsha on new year's day, for fun, he had booked a Mercedes-Benz car waiting at the airport. He said: "the car feels good, don't bother anymore. " 

hot:   good in the first half of the deposit in advance;

"today, more and more young people choose to ride in the new year when rent is both hassle free and inexpensive. "The head of the Changsha automobile leasing company said Hunan province or neighboring areas in Hunan province, if you are a family or with friends, colleagues, rented a car for best deals.  

the official gave reporters an account, from Changsha to Wuhan, spends about 300 yuan to rent a 5 seater cars, coupled with oil costs about 200 Yuan, about 200 Yuan toll fee, cost about 1000 Yuan or so, on average each person cost is not that much.  

reporters learned that many companies use to drive rental cars have been booked up, described as "difficult to get a car." A car rental company official said, their company 99% cars have been rented out, affordable cars are particularly popular, some even half a month to pay a deposit in advance.  

Caution: choose normal companies are important  

during the Chinese new year car rental to pay attention to? The industry, wants to rent desirable cars, for the best book in advance, rent a car should be familiar with vehicle performance, fail to return, should be notified in advance the car rental company.  

our people during the Chinese new year car rental to choose a formal company, taking the cost of returning the car, it is best to provide remote car service on the car rental company, so you can return the car at your destination. Also need to understand the limits of car mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards.


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